Greening Campaign

Greening Gunthorpe

This years summer fair saw the children of Gunthorpe School taking the lead in the community with the launch of the ‘Greening Gunthorpe’ campaign on Saturday 2nd July.

The Greening Campaign is about local people taking local action about climate change. We believe that if individuals in a community take small actions, all those add up to make a big difference.

We also believe that if lots of communities join together to take action, then the difference we make may start to reduce the effects of climate change. So far 140 communities are running The Greening Campaign.
To find out more please visit  It is supported by many local councils including Newark and Sherwood.

The launch will focus on eight challenges chosen by the community. These are:
  1. Turn off lights when leaving a room
  2. Turn off all standbys
  3. Wash laundry at 30'c
  4. Walk if journey is less than a mile
  5. Boil only the amount of water needed
  6. Turn the thermostat down by 1'c
  7. Turn off taps when brushing teeth
  8. Reduce shower time by 1 minute
The summer fair showcased various items involving the schoolchildren such as a recycled fashion show and a DVD related to sustainability issues. There were also be the traditional trappings of a summer fair; stalls, games, refreshment and entertainment.
Greening Campaign