Roads (Access to the A6097)

From the questionnaire results the Steering Committee has identified that the majority of households want to see improved access to the A6097 at the north end of Main Street and traffic lights installed.

At the Community Planning Event held on January 12th there was 100% support from those villagers who attended for improvements both at the north end of the village and the south end on the approach road to the Bridge. Previous requests for improvements have been 
rejected by the Notts. County Council on the grounds of lack of fatalities in the relevant areas.

What we aim to achieve:
Improve the access from the village Main Street when joining the A6097. Village residents and the many visitors who come to the village to enjoy its facilities have great difficulty in making safe exits and entrances to the village in their vehicles. Public Transport vehicles experience the same difficulties.

What we can do:
There was overwhelming support to install traffic lights at the north end of the village which are activated by traffic wanting to exit the village onto the A6097.

The south exit off the approach road can be improved by the regular cutting of the hedges and bushes on the junction and the whole of the Approach Road. The verges need cleaning, the edges of the road repaired, the whole of the road re-surfaced and yellow lines painted correctly. On the Bridge itself there should be double white lines down the centre and a street light on the Bridge Approach Road junction. A 7.5 tonne weight limit (excepting buses) could also be applied to the Approach Road. Actions at both the north and south junctions will make it much safer for everyone.

How we can do it:
Work together with the relevant organisations.

Who can help:

Notts County Council
The Highways Department
Newark and Sherwood District Council
Gunthorpe Parish Council
District Councillor
County Councillor
Member of Parliament
Village Residents and Visitors
A6097 Gunthorpe
A6097 Gunthorpe
A6097 Gunthorpe
A6097 Gunthorpe
A6097 Gunthorpe